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1. Can I apply for trial work?  

 = Yes, you can send free trial form on our website------“Clipping path service idea.com” There are some simple images already available in our website that you can download and check the quality.   

2. Is my FTP account safe and secure?   

 = Of-course, our FTP server is secure and protected. We made an individual FTP accounts for every user. They has different user name and password.   

3. What about pricing?   

 = Pricing is remain permanently on image/design complexity and amount. We offer discount/Flat rate for bulk orders. For emergency delivery then price is so little high.   

 4. What is your turn around time?   

 = The complexity level of the image and quantity are depending on the turnaround time (T.A.T). we will let you know the turnaround time long with the quotation once we receive your order. Generally, we provide 24 hours T.A.T. please let us know whichever T.A.T you need. Here is our basic turnaround Time: 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours and 72 hours. We understand sometimes the work is unguent and we give to support as much as we can in these cases. Just let us know.   

5. How do you provide that low cost services?   = We are consist a group of highly skilled designer professionals. Our professionals can also work very fast, that’s why we are able to offer that much lower cost than our completions. The accuracy and time efficiency of their work allows us to serve more clients better and with more competitive prices.    

6. How do you guarantee 100% accuracy on your work?   = We check every image three times before sending to you and our professional designers are well darned and they are `working on the same field for many years we use “ pen tool” in Photoshop. Because automated tool such as magic wand which may be able to remove background very quickly but it not well for perfect quality background removal.   

7. How do I pay you?   

 = When your job is done and you will receive your completed work and you will be able to revise it then we send you an invoice (if needed) we accept PayPal, MasterCard, visa, debit card and you can also transfer money to our bank account.   

 8. What is your payment system?   

= If you will become our regular client and you don’t want to pay every time after one job is completed then we can make a deal to pay either weekly or monthly basis, but we request you to pay when one job is finished.   

9. What type of files do you accept?   

 = We accept any type of file. If Adobe Photoshop and illustrator support the file then it is workable. But we prefer JPEG, PSD, TIFF, or EPS ever RAW/NEF picture. we recommend that you should send JPEG file if it is okay with you and requirement.   

10. Can I pay monthly or weekly for your service?   

= yes, we have many clients who send us or going work throughout the year. If you wish then you can setup a weekly or monthly payment system. Every time you send us an order, we will add it to your one, invoice with all the details including date, batch number, quantity type of service required and price.
Congratulation to the CPSI team for you very serious work and quick turn around Time. Your boys have made my more production enhancement very much quicker. I wish I would have found your guys some years ago! I look forward to using your services for further...
Chris Hops
Photographer, United State
High quality perform, and also quickly shipping and delivery. Surpass almost all anticipations, having an outstanding customer care will probably be making use of.
Martine Hops
Photographer, United State